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Edmodo is the place ‘Where Learning Happens.’ At Edmodo, we learn from our Teachers. Teachers' Lounge is a webinar series featuring Edmodo Teachers. Each series features one Teacher presenting a specific topic related to education and Edmodo. This series will feature fellow Edmodo Teachers presenting topics of their choice to other Edmodo Teachers. This webinar series is intended for Edmodo Teachers looking to expand their knowledge of Edmodo and their classroom. Share the inspirational conversations from your school's very own teacher's lounge to the largest online community for educators.


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Kate BakerScreen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.56.26_PM.png

Digital Literacy in the Age of Assessment 

Southern Regional High School, Manahawkin, NJ

Kate explores digital literacy to teach Common Core standards in the Age of Assessment. This webinar will provide session participants with best practices and tools for evolving classroom practices in preparation for the upcoming digital standardized assessments. By using various tools such as Edmodo, and by sharing various teaching techniques for flipped and blended instruction, teachers in English, History, World Language, and Science content areas can successfully integrate digital literacy skills into learning activities that are authentic, relevant, and meet Common Core Curriculum Standards, TEKS, or SOL standards. 

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Rob ZdrojewskiRob_Z.png

The Many Ways to Use Edmodo to Assess Students

Amherst Middle School Amherst, NY

Rob uses Edmodo to assess his Middle School students onclassroom content and Common Core Standards. Rob uses a variety of

Edmodo features including Polls, Quizzes, and Progress to check his student’s mastery of objectives and standards. 

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Sarah Eaton

Creating a Blended Elementary Classroom

Elizabeth Scott Elementary Chester, VA

Sarah uses Edmodo to engage her 2nd grade students on Edmodo by creating a blended classroom with the use of Edmodo Polls, Apps from the Edmodo Store and Interactive Stations using Edmodo Posts. Watch this webinar for takeaways to flip your Elementary classroom!

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Sheryl Place   

Using Edmodo When You Are Out of the Classroom 

Killian High School Miami, FL

In April, Teachers’ Lounge featured Sheryl Place, a high school ESOL teacher in Miami, FL. Ms Place uses Edmodo to engage her students in authentic assignments while she is absent. Watch this webinar to learn how you can use Edmodo and keep your students accountable when you are out of the classroom. Walk away with tips and tricks you can use with your students!

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Kimberly Larson  

Peer Collaboration & Critiques on Edmodo

Effingham College & Career Academy  Rincon, Georgia

Kimberly uses Edmodo to encourage peer collaboration and critiques amongst her students in her graphic design classroom. With Edmodo, Kimberly teaches her students the skills to engage with students in her classroom as well as classroom’s across the state. On Edmodo Kimberly’s students offer feedback to improve each other’s designs. 

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Bobby Brian Lewis

Gamifying your Classroom with Edmodo

Feagin Mill Middle School  Warner Robins, Georgia

Mr Lewis uses Edmodo to Gamify his Middle School classroom. Gamification increases participation with his students and well as drives investment in his classroom. Watch this webinar to learn how to use gamification in your classroom!

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Nira Dale

Enhancing the Learning & Meeting the Standards

Florence Freshman Center Florence, Alabama

Nira uses Edmodo as a classroom management tool to meet the immediate and long term academic needs of her students. Nira will share her three most important and practical uses for Edmodo in her classroom: Intentional & Strategic Formative Diagnostic, Assessing Learning Through the 'Back Channel' and Peer Publishing. You will leave with tools and steps they can use to bring student mastery into their Edmodo classroom.  

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Shane McMillan 

My Journey with Edmodo

Nowra Public Nowra, Australia

Shane began using educational technology and what would become his love of Edmodo, in a remote part of Australia. Eventually he  used it as a tool to build connections, community and collaboration with other users around the world. Shane will walk us through his experience of incorporating educational technology in his classroom.