4 Ways to Use Edmodo for Mobile Learning

Did you know that Edmodo is accessible from any mobile device with Internet capabilities? We also have free apps for iPhoneiPod TouchiPad and Android devices! If your student’s have access to a mobile device, here are a few ideas for how you can integrate Edmodo into your mobile learning initiatives:

1. Bring Edmodo on your next field trip

Give your students an interactive experience on your next field trip with Edmodo.  Provide each student with a mobile device, have them bring their own, or divide students into small groups, ensuring at least one cell phone is available in each group.  As students wander through the museum or landmark (i.e. wherever your field trip takes place), post scavenger hunt questions, polls, or writing prompts through the Edmodo mobile app. Students can respond, or ask questions of their own.

2. Host backchannel discussions

Use the Edmodo mobile app to host backchannel discussions with your students inside or outside the classroom. For example, students can use the mobile app for in class backchannel discussions during read alouds or movies. You could also host backchannel discussions outside the classroom during key events (i.e. broadcasted presidential speeches and debates) to help get students thinking about what they’re learning from the event and how it relates to what they’re learning in class.

3. Provide homework support

Provide your students with extra support by making yourself available to answer homework questions after school hours. Allow students to direct message you, or post questions to the group during specific hours. If you have notifications setup for messages, you’ll immediately be alerted to new questions and you can respond from your mobile device.

4. Check in with your class while you’re out

If you’re planning to be out of the classroom for any period of time, use the Edmodo app to keep in contact with your students. Schedule morning check ins with the class and have students answer questions about their learning. You can also respond to questions from students if needed.

Do you use the Edmodo mobile app? If so, how are you integrating it into your classroom?