Notifications (Troubleshooting)

If you're not getting any notifications that you have toggled on, please refer to the following quick troubleshooting solutions:

  • I am not getting Email notifications: Please verify your email address and make sure you have signed up for email notifications.
  • I'm not getting Push notifications: Please make sure you have enabled Push notifications for your Edmodo app on your device via your phone's settings. 
  • My Notifications icon doesn't display an accurate number of new notifications: It's important to note that the number in the red notification bubble is not listing the number of notifications you have, but rather the number of different categories in which you have received notifications. If they still appear inaccurate, try logging out of your account, clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies and logging back into Edmodo.
  • I'm not receiving the text code verification: Only U.S. and Canadian users can receive text notifications at this time. If you still have trouble with text notifications, please contact us.