Classes/Groups (Troubleshooting)

We've listed some basic troubleshooting solution for Class/Group related issues below:

  • I See a “Repeated Class/Group” Error Message: This error message appears when a user is attempting to join a Class/Group that has the same name as one of the user’s current Classes/Groups. Please contact the Class/Group owner and let them know. They can change the Class/Group name by adding a distinguishing character to the Class/Group name such as a date or symbol. Class/Group owners can change the Class/Group name under Class/Group Settings.
  • I Cannot Create a Class/Group: You may have registered as a Student or Parent. Please contact us and select "Account Types, Passwords, & Deactivations" and provide us with your username. The Edmodo Support Team can delete your Student or Parent Account so that you can create a Teacher account.
  • Students Cannot Join a Class: Your Students will need to use your Class/Group Code or the Join URL to join your Class/Group. Class/Group Codes automatically lock 14 days after the time they are created. If a Student is having issues joining your Class/Group, the Class/Group Code may have been reset or it may be locked, which will prevent them from joining your Class automatically. We also recommend that Students copy and paste Class/Group Codes to prevent accidentally inputting the incorrect Code. Often when Students are having trouble joining the Class/Group, they are incorrectly inputting the Class/Group Code.