Groups (Troubleshooting)

  • “Repeated Group” error message:
    • This error message appears when a user is attempting to join a Group that has the same name as one of the user’s current Groups. Please contact the Group owner whose Group you are trying to join to let them know. They can change the Group name by adding a date or symbol to distinguish it from other Groups. Group owners can change the Group name under “Group Settings.”
  • I cannot create a Group:
    • You may have registered as a Student or Parent. Please contact us, select, "Account Types, Passwords, & Deactivations" and provide us with your username. The Edmodo Support Team can delete your Student or Parent Account so that you can create a Teacher Account.
  • Students cannot join a Group:
    • Your students will need to use your Group code or the Join URL to join the Group. The Group code may have been reset, or it may be locked, which prevents users from gaining immediate access to the Group. Group codes automatically lock 14 days after the time they are created. When a Group code is unlocked it is also reset. If a student enters an old Group code, you will get a notification asking whether or not to accept them into your Group. If they enter your new Group code, they will automatically enter your Group. We also recommend that users copy and paste Group codes to prevent accidentally inputting the incorrect characters. Often when students are having trouble joining the Group, they are incorrectly inputting the Group code.