Progress/Gradebook (Troubleshooting)

  • How Edmodo calculates grades:
    • The Edmodo Progress Book only recognizes decimals up to the tenth place, e.g., 95.5 percent. The Progress book adds up the total points students earned on Assignments and Quizzes and divides that number by the total number of possible points. If the resulting figure is a decimal number, the Progress Book will round up the final percentage, e.g., 95.6 points earned / 100 total possible points = 96 percent.
  • Progress Book Formatting is off:
  • I'm missing Assignments or Quizzes in my Progress Book: 
    • Assignments and Quizzes that are sent to individuals (not an entire Group) do not appear in your Group’s Progress book page. You can manually enter a grade on your Group’s Progress Book page by clicking the “Progress” icon in your top toolbar. On your Group’s Progress Book page, click “Add Grade” in the top right corner. Enter “N/A” for the students who did not receive the Assignment or Quiz, and enter the desired scores for the student(s) who did complete the Assignment or Quiz.