Progress/Gradebook (Troubleshooting)

For quick troubleshooting tips your Progress Book, please read below: 


How Edmodo calculates grades: The Edmodo Progress Book only recognizes decimals up to the tenth place (e.g. 95.5%). The Progress Book adds up the total points students earned on Assignments and Quizzes and divides that number by the total number of possible points. If the resulting figure is a decimal number, the Progress Book will round up the final percentage (e.g. 95.6 points earned / 100 total possible points = 96%).


My Progress Book's Formatting is off: This can occur when your browser's magnifications settings are not set to 100%. Please set your browser's magnification settings to 100% by following the steps on this Help Center page


Some Assignments and Quizzes are missing from my Progress Book:  Only Assignments and Quizzes that are sent to an entire class are logged in your Progress Book automatically.  Any Assignments or Quizzes sent to an individual student will not appear in your Progress Book immediately. Instead, we recommend that you manually enter a grade.