Parent Account (Troubleshooting)

If you're having initial issues with your Parent account, use these quick troubleshooting tips:

  • I can’t see posts within my child’s Class: Parent accounts are built for observational purposes only.  At this time Parent accounts can only see class tasks and post from the Class Teacher or any Co-Teachers as well as their child's posts.  In some cases, it may be that parents cannot see Class Posts if the Teacher has chosen to hide their posts from Parents. If this is a concern, please check with your child's Teacher about sending posts to the Parents.
  • I can't message a Teacher in my child's Class: Parents only have the option to direct message Class-Owners and Co-Teachers.  If you find that you cannot message a Teacher in a class, they may need to be  made a Co-Teacher first by the Class-Owner.
  • I can't create my Profile page: Parent accounts do not have a Profile page at this time. 
  • Nothing happens when I click on my Notification Bell: The red notification indicator will appear when you have a new notification.  If you do not see the red notification bubble, and the icon appears greyed out, you have no new notifications.