Calendar (Troubleshooting)

Below are some quick fire solutions for any Calendar problems you may encounter

  • I can't post events: Only Class Owners and Co-Teachers can post events to a Class/Group's Calendar. Additionally, Teachers can post events to individuals (i.e., connections or students, and to themselves). Students can only create events for themselves on their own Calendar.
  • I can't create a task: Users can add tasks to their Calendar to remind them of items that need to be completed. Tasks are unique to each user, and they can’t be created for other Classes/ Groups or users.
  • There are event and date discrepancies on my Calendar: Date discrepancies typically occur when a user's time zone settings do not match the time zone they are residing in. We recommend reviewing your time zone settings in your account settings to make sure they're properly configured.
  • I can't send events to Parents: Parents are not listed as recipient options for events. Parent accounts are automatically notified when their child's account receives an event. If you see Parents as recipient options for events, please contact us and let us know.