Send a Note to Parents if Posts Are Hidden (Teacher)

All Posts sent to a Student's Class/Group are automatically displayed for their associated Parents. If you don't want Parents to see the Notes you send to your Classes/Groups, you can opt to hide all posts from Parents. If you have hidden the posts, but decide you would like to send a post to Parents, you can still do that too! 

To send a Note to only Parents who have created Parent Accounts associated with their children, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Note at the top of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Type your Post and add any attachments.
  3. In the "Send To" field, type "Parents" and select the "group_name (Parents)." The Post will go out to any Parents who are associated with students in that Group.

Note: If you have not chosen to hide your Posts from Parents, then all notes will automatically be visible to all Parents.