How Parents Sign-up for Parent Accounts

Once a student has created a student account, they will automatically have a unique Parent Code that their parents can use to create Parent Accounts that are linked to the specific student account. Because Parent Accounts do not join groups, a parent will not need a Group Code or a Group Join URL to sign up for an account. Once parents sign up for a Parent Account, any group that their child joins will be added to the Parent Account. Parents only need one Parent Account, as they can add multiple students to one Parent Account.  

Once their child has signed up, parents can sign up for Parent Accounts by following these simple steps:

  1. Obtain their unique Parent Code from their child’s student account (this is not the same as a Group Code).  
    • The Parent Code is unique to the child’s student account. You can get this the following ways:
      • The Student's Edmodo Homepage on a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.): the Parent Code is located on the bottom of the left side panel in a blue box. 
      • The Student's Edmodo account on an iOS app: click "More" on the bottom navigation menu, then choose the Student's name, and the Parent Code is in blue font below the "Invite Parents" button.
      • The Student's Edmodo account on an Android app: click "More" on the bottom navigation menu, then choose "My Profile", and the Parent Code is in blue font below the "Invite Parents" button.
      • The Teacher can provide the Parent with the Parent Code.
  2. Go to on a web browser, or use Edmodo for Parents mobile app
  3. Select "I'm a Parent" and Sign Up.

Note: You can also direct parents to the How to Sign Up as a Parent Help Center page.

How do I know if the parent has created their Account?

If you would like to see which students in your groups have parents that have signed up for a parent account, you can do this in the "Members" tab of your group. Simply do the following:

  1. Click on the Group on the left panel of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Select the “Members” tab from the left side panel.
  3. Any student who has an associated parent account will have a "Parent Association" icon parent.association.png to the right of their name.

Note: Hovering over the Parent Association icon with your mouse will bring up the name and relationship of the parent(s) associated.