Set Up Your Teacher Profile (Teacher)

To access your Profile, click on the down arrow icon down-arrow.png on the top right of your top toolbar and select "Profile." The Profile page is divided up into the Main Profile, Profile Overview, and Connections sections. Read on to learn more about what is displayed in each of these sections and how to make updates.

Main Profile Section (top section of your Profile page):

  • Profile Picture: Select Update Profile Picture to change your Profile Picture. Learn more about Uploading a Profile Picture
  • Teacher Information: Your name and school comes from your teacher “Account Settings.” Learn more about updating your Account Settings.
  • You can edit your Role, Grade, Subject Area, and Year Started by hovering over the item and clicking the pencil icon.
  • Students taught, FeedResources, Connections, Communities, and Progress automatically update.

“Profile Overview” Tab:

  • About Me: allows you to add additional information about yourself. Click on "Edit" to update your “About Me” section. Add text and click “Save” when complete.
  • Professional Experience: Allows you to add information about your previous career positions.
  • Schedule Information: Allows you to share your class schedule information with Students and Parents so they know how to get in touch with you.
  • Education Information: Allows you to provide more information on your learning background.
  • Links: A space to share other links like a personal blog, school website, or your Spotlight page.
  • Badges will automatically be updated. Learn more about Badges.

“Connections” Area

  • Allows you to view all of your connections and invite teachers to connect with you on Edmodo. Learn more about Connections.
  • Click the Show All Connections link and type in a teacher’s e-mail address to send them an invitation to join Edmodo. Learn more about how to Invite Teachers to Edmodo. To search for and connect with a teacher already on Edmodo, use the search field in the top Edmodo toolbar.