Setting Up Your Teacher Profile

Keep your Profile up to date on Edmodo to help your Edmodo community learn more about you!  You can access your Profile by doing the following:

  1. Click on your Profile profile.png on the top right of your top toolbar
  2. Select Profile

The Profile page is divided up into your main profile section as well as the About, Posts, Resources, Connections, Communities and Progress sections listed on the left panel. Read below to learn more about what is displayed in each of these sections and how to make updates.

Main Profile Section:


Select pencil.pngnext to each section to add or update any information. Be sure to click Save when finished to save all changes.

  • Introduction: Include information about yourself to help your peers learn more about you
  • Interests: Personalize your specific interests
  • Experience: Share any detailed information about your previous professional experience
  • Social Links: Share links to other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram
  • Schedule: Share your class schedule information with students and parents to help get in touch with you and organize office hours
  • Education: Provide more information about your learning background
  • Links: Share links to a personal blog or school website
  • Badges: Badges will automatically be updated as you earn them. Learn more about Badges.

Posts: See all of your Posts and activity for all of your Classes/Groups.

Resources: A accessible list of the resources and quizzes that have been shared with you.


Connections on Edmodo can be with teachers from your school or from other global schools that you have worked with or want to collaborate with. All of your current Connections will be listed in the My Connections area and any pending requests will display in the Connection Requests area. You can always remove a Teacher Connection by clicking on More ellipsis.png > Remove Connection. Learn more about connecting with teachers.

Communities: View all of your active Communities! 

Progress: Displays grades and Badges for each Class/Group. Click on any specific Class/Group to see its details progress/grades