Create a Personalized Avatar (Student)

If you want to creatively express yourself, you can design your own personalized Edmodo avatar! The avatar maker will allow you choose different human features like head, hair, and eyes, and then edit their styles and colors.

To create an Avatar for your Edmodo Profile:

  1. Select the profile icon profile.png in the righthand corner of the top toolbar
  2. Click the Profile option in the drop-down menu
  3. Click on Update Picture to edit or change your picture to an avatar 
  4. Verify your password to permit changes to your profile picture
  5. Click the Personalize Avatar button to launch the avatar builder
  6. Select your Avatar's features
  7. There are Undo, Redo, Clear All, and Create Random buttons below the preview of your avatar to help you edit your avatar efficiently
  8. When it looks how you like it, click Save, select the circle below your new avatar so it shows a Green checkmark, then hit Update. Your new profile picture will be the avatar you just created!

If you prefer to use a photo in your Edmodo profile, click here to learn more about how to do so.