Parent FAQs

As a parent, there are many things you have to do that are offline and online, and we admire you! There are three different user account types on Edmodo: Teachers, Students, and Parents. Depending on the account type, all of these have the ability to access and interact differently on Edmodo. We put together this FAQ to help users like understand your Parent account and its limitations better!


Why Can't I See All of the Posts from My Child’s Teacher?

Most likely, your child’s teacher is hiding their posts from parents as they have this option in their class settings. If this is so, please check in with your child's teacher about these posts as it may be a mistake. Keep in mind that you will always see Assignment and Quiz. Learn more about your Parent account


Can a Student account have more than one Parent account linked?

Absolutely yes! There is no limitation as to how many accounts can be linked to each other. Students can be linked to more than one Parent and vice versa. As long as everyone has their own, personal account with their own email address. Learn more about linking accounts.


I am both a Parent and a Teacher. Can I merge my two accounts?

If you’re both a Parent and Teacher, you must register for separate accounts. Each account has unique functions specific to its role in the Edmodo ecosystem. This will require using two separate email addresses as one email cannot be linked to more than one account. We recommend that teachers use their work email for their Teacher account and a personal email for their Parent account.  


Have more questions? Contact our Edmodo Customer Experience Team.