Reset your Password

If you are a teacher or student, please visit the teacher page or student page for resetting your password.

If you are a parent and forgot your password, please find the section below that applies best to you and follow the appropriate steps. 

You know the email address that is on your Edmodo account:

  • Click the Login button on the Edmodo homepage and then choose the Forgot password link on the pop-up box, located right below the "Login" button (shown in the screenshot below). This will require that you enter the valid email address that is associated with your active Edmodo account. Once you have entered your email address and clicked "Reset Your Password," an email with a link to reset your password will be sent to you. Please check your email right away, as the link expires after 48 hours. Please follow this link if you cannot find the password reset email.

 You do not know the email address associated with your Edmodo account: 

  • Contact the Support team here with "PASSWORD RESET" as the key words directly from the email address that you think is on your account. In your message, include the following information, which will allow Edmodo Support to verify your account and reset your password:
    • Any possible email address you think may be on your account 
    • Your full name
    • The name of your child whose student account you are associated with
    • The Username or email address of your child's Edmodo account
    • Your Child's Edmodo Parent code, which you used to link your accounts
    • The name of your child's school
    • The name of 2-3 of your child's teachers
    • Names of 2-3 groups that your child is a part of
    • Names of 2-3 assignments or quizzes that your child has taken.