Turn in an Assignment (Student)

Turning in your work online is easy and one less thing to worry about with Edmodo. Once you are ready to send your assignment to your Teacher, you can easily turn it in either online or through the mobile web! Read more about submitting assignments on mobile.

To turn in your Assignment:

  1. Locate the Assignment post
  2. Click on Open to navigate to your Assignment submission page
  3. Click on the text box to type in your response. Use the bottom toolbar to format your text. 
    • Click Add to attach a file from your computer, Backpack, Google Drive or OnceDrive, or a link from the web
    • Click the Create drop-down menu to create a new Office Online file such as a Word Doc, Powerpoint, or Excel
  4. To send a comment to your Teacher by entering your message in the comment section and send. To send a comment to your Class/Group, click on the Class tab. 
  5. When you are ready to submit, click on Submit Assignment


  • After you have turned in an Assignment and your Teacher has graded it, you can view your grade.
  • If you need to resubmit an Assignment, you can do so only if your Teacher requests for a resubmission. Once your Teacher has graded the Assignment, you are unable to resubmit the Assignment, unless the Teacher clears the grade first.