Take a Quiz (Student)

Taking a quiz is a quick way for teachers to check for comprehension and assessment. Students can take a quiz on a web browser or of their mobile devices. Learn more about taking Quizzes on the mobile apps

To take an Edmodo Quiz using a web browser: 

  1. Navigate to the Quiz's Post
  2. Click Take Quiz to see and review the Quiz's details such as the instructions, time limit, number of questions, etc.
  3. Click on Start Quiz to begin the Quiz. The timer will begin and will continue to run, even if you leave the Quiz window.
  4. Complete the Quiz at your pace during the allotted time. You can view how many questions have been completed and the amount of time left to complete the Quiz in the top panel. While you are answering the questions, there are 3 ways to move to another question:
    • Next: Move forward through the questions until the Quiz is completed
    • Previous: Go back to any previous question and review your answers
    • The grey drop-down menu (next to the timer): Skip to any question in the Quiz
  5. Click Submit Quiz in the top right corner once the Quiz is completed. A pop-up window will appear confirming that you have answered all the questions and that you would like to submit your Quiz. If in the case you have not answered all of the questions, you will see a warning indicating which questions you have left to answer. Once a Quiz is submitted, it cannot be undone. 
  6. If your teacher has allowed for students to see and view their results and submission, select View Results to review your submission and grade. 

Note: Once a student has begun to take a Quiz, the Quiz timer does not stop, even without the Quiz window open. If a student leaves their Quiz window unexpectedly, they can reopen the Quiz and will be able to pick up where they left off (time allotted). Once the timer runs out, a Time Expired pop-up will notify you that your Quiz has been submitted due to time restrictions.