Add and Manage Content in Your Backpack (Student)

Students have Backpacks to create assignments, save Class/Group material and Posts. Adding material to your Backpack and organizing it is as easy as it comes.  Continue reading to learn more about how you can use your Backpack the the fullest: 

To add files, links, and other materials to your Backpack: 

  1. Navigate to your Backpack backpack.png in the top toolbar
  2. Click New in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the action you would like to take from: File Upload, New Folder, Link, or create a new Office Online File (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint)
  4. If uploading a File, click Choose Files to select the files from your computer and wait for them to finish uploading
  5. Select the blue Add button to confirm the updates

Note: Free users have a limited storage space of 1GB; Edmodo Enterprise users have unlimited Backpack storage. For all users, the file size upload limit is 500 MB, however, your Profile Picture must be under 10 MB. We currently do not support GIFs, but support all other file types. Adding image files to your Backpack may result in reduced image resolution. Learn more about uploading images.




Organize your Backpack's Content:

To organize your Backpack further, click on More ellipsis.png to the right of the file or folder. Bulk action options are also available if you select more than one item. on them! A list of options will be available once the box is checked:

  • Edit pencil.png : Rename any Backpack item
  • Open in Office: Some compatible documents can be opened for editing in Office365. This option will not show for non-compatible document types.
  • Attach to Post post.png : Send an item straight to one of your Classes/Groups as an attachment to a Post, directly from your Backpack
  • Move  move-item.png : Move an item to another location in your Backpack, such as inside a folder
  • Copy Copy.png : Create a copy of an item in another location. Use this option to keep an item in multiple folders.
  • Download download.png : Download a copy of the item to your computer
  • Delete red.png : Permanently remove an item from your Library. Deleting folders deletes all of the contents inside, so be careful with this one!

Note: It is not possible to save a resource directly to a folder. You must save it to your Backpack first, then you can move it to a folder.