Manage the Content in Your Backpack (Student)

Once you have added content to your Backpack, you have several options to help you stay more organized and use your files. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the item you want to organize and click the More Options icon    to the far right of the item's name. You can also simply right click on an individual file.
  2. Choose from the options in the Options Menu.

What does each option do?

  • Edit: Rename any Backpack item.
  • Open in Office: Some compatible documents can be opened for editing in Office365. This option will not show for non compatible documents types. 
  • Attach to Note: Send an item straight to one of your Groups as an attachment to a Note, directly from your Backpack.
  • Move: Move an item to another location in your Backpack, such as inside a Folder.
  • Copy: Create a copy of an item in another location. Use this option to keep an item in multiple Folders.
  • Download: Download a copy of the item to your computer.
  • Delete: Permanently remove an item from your Library. Deleting Folders deletes all of the contents inside, so be careful with this one!

You can also select multiple items at once! Use the "control" or "command" (⌘) key or "shift" key to select multiple items. Then, right click on an item to see the management options. Not all options will be available with multiple files selected. 

Note: It is not possible to save a resource directly to a folder. You must save it to your Backpack first, then you can move it to a folder.