Student Sign Up

Welcome to Edmodo!

You can start using your Edmodo account to join your virtual classroom in no time at all! If you have never created an Edmodo account, you can create a new Student account by following the steps below:

  1. Obtain a Class, Group or School Code from your teacher
  2. Navigate to the Edmodo and click Sign Up in the top right corner
  3. Click on Student Account
  4. Select your country by using the drop down menu
  5. Fill out the registration form with the required Class/Group Code, your birthday and parent email
    • For United States Residents:
      • All students under the age of 13 are prompted to sign up with a unique username and password.  Parental approval and verification is a required step.
      • All students over the age of 13 are required to sign up with an email address.  Parental approval to create an account is not required.
  6. Verify your Edmodo account's email address by checking your email's inbox for a Confirm my Email message. If your parent needs to has granted you permission to create an account, they will have a parental verification mail sent to their email address provided.  
  7. Personalize your account's display name.  By default we ask you for your first and last name. 


  • If your Class or Group Code is unlocked, you will then see the Class or Group will appear immediately in the left panel of your account. If the code is locked, students are placed into an approval queue which requires the Teacher to approve your join request.
  • Students only need one Student account to join ALL their Classes and Groups!



Alternatively, users can also choose to create their account with their Google, Microsoft or Apple credentials! To create an account with your single sign-on credentials:

  • Select Sign up with Google, Microsoft or Apple
  • Enter your credentials that apply
  • Click Create Account

Once your single sign-on credentials are linked to your account, you can use them to login next time!