Parent Sign Up

Welcome Edmodo Parents!

After your child has created a Student account, you can create a Parent account using your child's unique Parent Code. You will not use a Class Code as Parent accounts cannot join Classes directly. Once you create your Parent account, you are automatically observing any of your child's Classes/Groups.

To sign-up for a Parent account you will need an email address. If your email address is in use on your child's Student account, you can remove the email address from the Student account so that you can use it for your Parent account.

Note: Students under the age of 13 are not required to sign-up with an email address.

Read below for more information on the following parent sign up topics: 

How to Sign-Up as a Parent:

  1. Navigate to the Edmodo and click Sign-Up in the top right corner
  2. Click on Parent Account
  3. Select your country by using the drop-down menu
  4. Enter your email and password > Create your account
  5. Check your inbox for a Verify my Email message. Once your email is verified, you can continue setting up your account.
  6. Personalize your account name.  by default we ask for your first and last name. 
  7.  Input your unique Parent Code which can be located in your child's account > Connect

Note: You only need one Parent account your entire time on Edmodo. Even if you have multiple children using Edmodo, you can add them all to one Parent account. There is never a need to create a new Parent account (and there is never a need for your child to create a new Student account either). If your child did create a new account, simply obtain the Parent Code associated with your child's new Student account and add it to your existing Parent account. As your child joins or leaves Classes, your Parent account will automatically update to reflect these changes.

Users also have the option to take advantage of Google, Microsoft, or Apple single sign-on. To sign-up with your external login credentials: 

  • Select your method of sign up: with Google, Microsoft or Apple
  • Enter your applicable credentials
  • Click Create Account

Next time you login, you can use your Google, Microsoft, or Apple single sign-on credentials. 


What is a Parent Code?:

Parent Codes are not the same as your child’s Class Code. Each child has a unique Parent Code. You do not have to share a Parent account with another parent, relative, or guardian. Multiple Parent accounts can be set up for one student. Simply use the same Parent Code found on the Student’s account to create another Parent account.

Where can I find my child's Parent Code?:

You can find your child's Parent Code several ways. Learn more about where you can find your child's Parent Code:

  • From your child's Student account via web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari: Your student's Parent Code is located on the bottom of the left panel.
  • From the mobile app for Android or iOS
      1. Select Profile profile.png in the top left corner 
      2. Click Profile profile.png again 
      3. Locate your Parent Code under Invite Parent
  • From your child's Teacher: Your child's teacher can locate their Parent Code from within their class > Members.