Lock or Unlock the Group Code (iPad)

The Group Code is they key for your students to access your Group.  

To ensure the Group Owner has control over who joins the Group, the Group Code automatically locks after two weeks. However, you can lock or unlock the code on your own at any time. If students use an unlocked Group Code, then they are added to your Group right away. If they use a locked Group Code, then they will be placed in an approval queue for the Group, and the group owner will have approve or deny the request to join the Group. To lock or unlock the Group Code on the iPad app, simply:

  1. Tap "Groups" in the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the Group.
  3. Tap the "Group Settings" icon gear-wheel.png in the top right corner.
  4. Click the "Group Code" button.
  5. Select icon to unlock and reset the Group Code.

Note: Unlocking a Group Code will randomly generate a brand new Group Code. The Group Code is visible in the middle of the Group's page, and in the "Basic" tab of Group Settings.