Manage Class and Group Settings (Android and iOS)

You can change Class and Group Settings on the Android and iOS apps. You can set group members to Read only, turn on moderate posts and replies, lock your Group Code and much more. To edit your Class or Group Settings:

  1. Select “Classes” on the navigation bar or "My Groups" from the "More" menu. A list of classes or groups you own will show. You can also see a list of classes and groups you have joined and a list of your archived classes and groups.
  2. Select a class or a group you own.
  3. Tap on the “Group Settings” icon ellipsis.png at the top right corner of the page.
  4. Tap the "Settings" button.














Lock/Unlock Your Group Code:

The Class Code is the key for your students to access your Class or Group.  

To ensure the owner of a Class or Group has control over who joins, the Class Code automatically locks after two weeks. However, you can lock or unlock the code on your own at any time. To lock or unlock the Class Code, simply:

  1. Click the "Lock/Unlock Class Code" link. If the Group Code was previously locked, a new Group Code will be generated.
  2. If the Class Code was previously unlocked, it will now be locked.

Note: Unlocking a Class Code will randomly generate a brand new Class Code. If students use an unlocked Class Code, then they are added to your Class or Group right away. If a locked Class Code is used to join, users will be placed in an approval queue and the owner will have to approve or deny the request.










Archive or Delete a Class/Group:

You can archive or delete a Class or Group, but we strongly recommend archiving instead of deleting them. Archiving a Class or Group will remove it from your Class/Groups List and restrict students from posting, but you will still have access to its Posts, Assignments, Quizzes, and Folders so they can easily be used again in the future. Deleting a Class or Group will delete all of its data, including all student work and grades.

To delete or archive a Class or Group:

  1. Tap the "Archive Class/Group" link to archive the Class or Group.
  2. Tap the "Delete Class/Group" link to delete the Class or Group.