Manage Small Group Members and Settings (iPad)

On the iPad app, you can view the posts and members for all of your Small Groups, and manage the settings for your Small Groups. To view a Small Group's posts and members:

  1. Select “Groups” on the navigation bar. A list of groups you own will show. You can also see a list of Groups you have joined and a list of your archived groups.
  2. Select a Group for which you have created Small Groups.
  3. Tap the Small Groups tab underneath the Group name. It is shaped like several people. Select the small Group you'd like to see. 
  4. Tap the "Posts" icon, shaped like a text bubble to view the Posts.
  5. Tap the "Members" icon shaped like a person to view members. In the "Members" tab, you can view members' profiles, set teachers to co-teacher status, set individual members to Read-Only or contributor, invite Students' Parents to join Edmodo, reset Students' passwords, and remove members from the Small Group. 

Note: At this time, you can only create and add members to small groups from the full-web version.