View Your Grades (Mobile)

We know that students are always on the move which is why we made viewing your grades on the go is as easy as 1-2-3 with our Classroom apps. 

To view your grades via the mobile apps:

  1. Click on Planner in the bottom toolbar 
  2. Apply the Completed filter at the top of your Planner to see an updated list of all your turned in and completed class tasks
  3. Locate and tap the class task whose grade you want to see to open a preview of it 
  4. Your grade will display in the initial pop-up window. If your teacher has yet to grade the class task, you will not see a grade.

Note: For confirmation that your teacher still needs to grade the task, click on View Submission at the bottom to see your submission with the grade field labeled as Awaiting Grade at the bottom.