Quiz Taking Advanced (iPad)

Quizzes on the iPad have some new and exciting features not seen on the desktop version of Edmodo. Students will have the ability to flag tough questions to come back to and see an overview of all questions to work at their own pace.

  1. A student can flag questions to return to by clicking the flag icon at the top right of the app. When submitting a quiz the app will note how many flagged questions remain if students want to go back to look these over. A student can remove a flag by tapping the icon again.
    • When you attempt to submit a quiz the number of unanswered and flagged questions will be displayed. Click Cancel to go back to the quiz and edit your answers.
    • Quizzes can be submitted with flagged questions. You do not need to remove flags to turn in a quiz.
  2. An overview of all questions on a quiz can be seen by clicking the icon in the top left of the app. This will show a grid view of the questions and will allow you to tap an individual question to view and answer it right away.
    • Flagged questions will be visible by a blue flag icon in the top right of each question in the overview.
  3. Teachers are not able to see which questions a student has flagged.