Taking a Quiz (Android and iOS)

Students and teachers now have the ability to take quizzes on the Android and iOS apps. Here are some tips to answer each question type and submit a quiz.

  1. In the "Classes" view, tap the "My Classes" tab and choose your class. Then find the quiz post in your class stream. Tap "View Quiz on Android or Take Quiz on iOS." You can also find a list of your quizzes in the Assignment Center.
  2. Once you have opened your quiz, tap "Take Quiz" to start working. This will also begin the countdown timer or resume the timer if you already started the quiz.



3. Tapping "Next" or the back arrow at the top of the questions allow you to navigate between questions. Then, answer each question by following the instructions for each question type: 

    • Multiple Choice: Tap an answer to select which answer you believe is correct.




  • Short Answer: Tap the "Write your answer here" box to bring up the keyboard to enter your answer. 




    • True or False: Tap an answer to select which answer you believe is correct.


    • Matching: Tap one of the empty spaces to bring up a list of possible matches. Once you select a match the next item you select will have all of the remaining choices. You can tap the X icon on the right side of a match to return that to the list.




    • Fill in the blank: Tap the underlined area to bring up the keyboard to enter your selection.



4. Once you have answered all questions you will be taken to an overview of all questions. You can tap a question to go back and change your answer.

5. If you are ready to submit your quiz you can navigate to the end of the quiz by pressing "Next" until you are through all questions.

6. Tap "Finish" at the upper right of the app to finish up and then "Submit" on the box confirming your selection.