Create or Join a Professional Development Group

Many educators use Edmodo for Professional Development purposes, or to collaborate with other educators around a specific topic. There are many PD groups that have already been created by teachers for teachers on a wide range of subjects. Many of them are listed, along with their Join Group URL's, here: Teacher PD Groups. Search the "Teacher PD Groups" document to find any PD groups that may interest you, and enter the Join URL in to your browser to submit a request to join the group.

While there are many groups already available, many teachers and administrators choose to create their own PD groups specific to their school, district, grade level, or interest. To start a Professional Development Group, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a Group.
  2. Pass out the Group Code or Join Group URL to the people who you want to join. Posting in the Topics about your new group can be a good way to generate interest and attract teachers. If sharing publicly, please share the Join Group URL, not the Group Code, for safety purposes. 

For detailed steps about how to join other teachers' PD groups, please see here: Join Other Teachers' Groups

Note: Please see this link for more detailed information about creating a Training Group: Create a Training Group, and please see this link for many helpful documents for Teacher Training PD: Teacher Training PD.