Deactivate a Teacher Account (Teacher)

As a teacher, you can deactivate your own account from your Account Settings page.

  1. Click on the profile icon Account_Icon2019-07-24.png and then Settings Settings_Icon_2019-07-24.png.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Deactivate your account.
  3. Enter your password and click Deactivate.




Note: When you deactivate your account, you will lose all of your content, posts, and student work. 

If any of the following reasons apply, please do not deactivate your account:

  • If your school has created a subdomain of Edmodo, you do not need to create a new account. To join the subdomain, go to your subdomain ( and log in with your current username and password. Then, type in the School Code you were given when prompted.
  • If you would like to change your email address, do this from your current account by clicking on the profile icon Account_Icon2019-07-24.png then choose Settings Settings_Icon_2019-07-24.png to edit your email address.