Create a Free School or District Account (Admins)

To Create a School or District Account:

  1. Visit and click the "Get Free District Account" button to Create a new School or District Account. 
  2. In order to request a free School or District Account with Administrator capabilities, you must be logged into your Teacher Account. If prompted to do so, please Log in or Create a Teacher Account if you don’t already have one. 
  3. Complete the form indicating your Role and Phone Number. Your Phone Number will only be used to contact you if we have questions about setting up your School or District Account. 
  4. Select the "Get School Account" or "Get District Account" button as appropriate:
    • A School Account is appropriate if you manage a single instructional entity or building. 
    • A District Account is appropriate if you manage a network of 2 or more distinct instructional entities or buildings.
  5. If your School or District isn't already selected, use the Search to find the correct institution for which you would like to create a School or District Account.
    • If your School or District isn't listed in the Search results, try an alternate spelling. If no valid option can be identified, select the "Not on the list?" button . Complete the form to specify the details for your new School or District Account on Edmodo. 
  6. Specify your desired Subdomain. This will enable a secure School or District Network Page (e.g.– which all of your Teachers and Students will need to use to log into Edmodo. Enter the Subdomain text of your choice.
    • Do not include special characters, underscores, punctuations marks, or spaces.
  7. Click the "Sign Up" button 

Once you've submitted your subdomain claim, our Support Team will review it. If everything looks good, we will activate your Edmodo School or District Account and you should hear back from us within a few days!