Sign up / Claim your School or District Edmodo Page

Sign up as a School or District Admin to Claim your School or District's Network on Edmodo. Learn more about the benefits of Claiming your School or District Edmodo Network here

To Sign up as an admin and Claim your School or District's Edmodo Network:

  1. From your homepage after logging in to Edmodo (or after pressing the "Home" icon in your top navigation bar), find your profile card in the top left portion of your screen. Click on your School or District link to go to the respective Edmodo Page for your school or district.
  2. On the right section of this page, you will see a section labeled "Become an Administrator." Click the "Request Admin Account" button. 
  3. Complete the request form and click the "Submit" button.

Note: If your school or district already has an Edmodo Network set up, you will first need to become a verified member of your school or district by entering your School Code before you can sign up as an Admin. Another Edmodo Admin in your Network can provide you with your School Code.  


Once you've submitted a Claim for your School or District Network, or have requested an Admin Account, our Support Team will review it. If everything looks good, we will activate your Edmodo School or District Network and you should hear back from us within a few days!