Using Your School Codes (Admin)

School Codes help to make sure your Teachers are added to your School Network. School Codes can be used to create a Teacher account but can also be used to update a Teacher's school affiliation in account settings. 

To find your School Code as a School Administrator:

  1. Switch to your School Admin portal 
  2. Click the Page tab in the top toolbar
  3. Your School Code will appear at the bottom right corner of your School's banner

Note: Students do not need the School Code to use Edmodo and should never be given a School Code!



To find a School Code as a District Administrator:

  1. Switch to your District Admin portal
  2. Click on the Manage tab and select Schools from the drop-down menu
  3. Scroll the list of Schools or use the Search Bar to find a specific School
  4. The School Code will be listed next to the school's name

Note: You can also select Export to download a .csv file of all School Codes in your District Network.