Enable Edmodo Redirect (IP forwarding) (Admins)

Edmodo Redirect ensures that any Teacher, Student, or Staff Member from within a School or District's Network is logging in through the School or District Sign In Page (eg: https://mydistrict.edmodo.com). As a School or District Admin, all you need to do is supply the IP Address or IP Address Range for your School or District, and anyone going to www.edmodo.com from your network will be rerouted to your secure Sign In Page. 

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account 
  2. If your School or District Profile Page isn't currently displayed, click the "Profile" icon on the right side of the top menu bar. 
  3. If there is information missing on your School or District Profile Page, the Edit Form will default to Edit mode. If the Form is not currently editable, click the  “Edit Profile” button  
  4. At the bottom right corner of the Form, in the "Edmodo Redirect" section, enter the IP Address or IP Address Range to be forwarded in the “IP Address” field. 
  5. Click the "Request Forward" link. - 
  6. To Remove an IP Address or IP Address Range from Edmodo Redirect, click the "X" icon  next to listed active IP Address, then click the "Remove" button  in the dialog window

For assistance locating your School or District Network's IP Address or IP Address Range, see this page. 

Best Practices Recommendations suggest that all Teachers and Students in a School or District Network log into Edmodo via the School or District Sign In Page Page. For more information about Admitting Members to your Network, see this page.