Update your School or District Logo (Admins)

School and District Administrators can Update the Logo that appears on the School Subdomain or District Subdomain Page. Setting a School or District Logo will help your Teachers and Students identify that they are on the correct School or District Account Page when they visit Edmodo from your Network. 

To Update your School or District Logo:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account 
  2. If your School or District Profile Page isn't currently displayed, click the "Profile" icon on the right side of the top menu bar. 
  3. If there is information missing on your School or District Profile Page, the Edit Form will default to Edit mode. If the Form is not currently editable, click the “Edit Profile” button  
  4. Click the "Change Logo" link 
  5. Select an Image of your District Logo from your Computer. For best results, Image Dimensions should be square (e.g. 100 x 100 pixels). Click the "Save Changes" button 

District Network Logos may only be changed by District Administrators. The District Network Logo chosen will display for all Teachers and Students visiting your District Subdomain Page. It will also display in the District Community

School Network Logos may be changed by either District Administrators or School Administrators

If you are a District Administrator, you may update School Network Logos on the "Schools" Page

If you are a School Administrator, the School Network Logo Settings you may update depend on whether you are a Member of a School Account or a District Account

  • School Administrators that are Members of a District Account will be unable to update the District Network Logo, but they may change the School Network Logo for their Assigned School. This change will not appear on the District Subdomain Login Page, but will appear in the School Community
  • School Administrators that are Members of a School Account (rather than a District Account) are able to change the School Network Logo for their School Network, and this change will appear on the School Subdomain Login Page and in the School Community