Remove a Teacher or Student from Your Network (Admins)

Administrators may Remove Teachers and Students from their School or District Network if the Member no longer belongs in the School or District Account. 

To Remove a Teacher or Student from your School or District Network: 

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account
  2. Click the "Management" tab and select "Members" from the drop-down menu
  3. Scroll the Member List or use the Search Bar to find a specific Teacher. If you are a District Administrator, you may also adjust the Member Filters to Filter by School
  4. Click on the “Gear” icon  to expand the Member Settings menu
  5. Click the “Remove Member” icon  and then click the "Remove" button  to confirm

 Removing a Teacher from the School or District Network will not Remove this Teacher from any Groups for which they are a Member. Removing a Student from the School or District Network will Remove the Student from all Groups Owned by Teachers in the Network

 Removing a Teacher or Student Member from your School or District Network will not Delete their Account. Teachers can Deactivate their Accounts and Request a Student Account Deactivation. Please send our Administrator Team a message if you need assistance Removing or Deleting Accounts. 

A School or District Administrator may also request to Change the Owner of a Group for a Teacher leaving their School or District Network.