Best Practices for Teachers Leaving Your Organization (Admin)

When a Teacher leaves your Organization, it is important for Administrators to follow best practice recommendations for removing them from the Organization and/or transferring Class/Group ownership. 

When a Teacher Leaves the School: 

We recommend having any Teacher that leaves your school to update their school affiliation in their Account Settings. However, before having the teacher update their school affiliation, please make sure the Teacher has been removed from all ties and will not have access to their Students on Edmodo. The Teacher or Admin can do this by one of the following methods.

  • Transferring Class Ownership: Transferring any Class (active or archived) is a good option in preparation for the Teacher's departure. Simply contact us, and let us know the following:
    • The name of the Class
    • The email of the Teacher who is leaving
    • The email of the Teacher to whom the class will be transferred  
  • Delete Classes: If Classes will no longer remain active, we recommend deleting any Classes
  • Remove Students from the Class: If the Teacher would like to keep a record of their personal posts in any Class after leaving, we recommend removing the students from the Class. This will also remove all students' work as well as the ability for the students to communicate with their former Teachers/Co-Teachers. 

Once the Admin or Teacher has removed their access to former students by one of the three options above, you as the Admin can remove the Teacher from your Organization.