Managing Your Join Request Queues (Admin)

The Join Request Queues contain a list of all Teachers or Students on Edmodo that want to be a member of your School and District Network page. School and District Administrators may approve or reject members in each respective queue. If there are pending members that need approval, you will see a notification on your Admin Member Management Page.

To Approve or Reject Teachers or Students in the Join Request Queues: 

  1. Switch to your Admin portal 
  2. Click the Manage tab and select Members from the drop-down menu
  3. There will be a red notification displaying the number of pending join requests for teachers and students. Click on the tab whose request you would like to Approve or Reject
  4. Click the green tick Screen_Shot_2016-10-02_at_6.04.20_PM.png to Approve and Accept a member or click the red X Screen_Shot_2016-10-02_at_6.04.25_PM.png to Reject a member from the School or District Network
      •  By Approving a member, you are accepting them into your School or District Network; this gives them access to your Network's School and District Edmodo Pages, and enables their Usage Data to appear in your Network's Edmodo Insights Page.
      •  By Rejecting a member, you are Removing them from your School or District Network