Managing Your Join Request Queues (Admin)

The Join Request Queues contain a list of all Teachers or Students on Edmodo that want to be a member of your Organization. Admins can approve or reject members in each respective queue. If there are pending members that need approval, you will see a notification on your Admin Member Management page.

To Approve or Reject Teachers or Students in the Join Request Queues: 

  1. Switch to your Admin portal 
  2. Click the Manage tab > Members 
  3. There will be a red notification displaying the number of Join Requests from Teachers or Students
  4. Manage your Join Requests from one of the following options:
    • By Approving Screen_Shot_2016-10-02_at_6.04.20_PM.png you are allowing the member to join your Organization, giving them access to your Organization's Pages, and enabling their usage data to appear in your Network's Insights 
    • By Rejecting Screen_Shot_2016-10-02_at_6.04.25_PM.png you are denying the member from joining your Organization. This will not block future join requests.