Pending Teachers Queue (Admins)

The Pending Teachers Queue contains a list of all Teachers on Edmodo that have not supplied the School Code to become a Verified School or District Network Member. School and District Administrators may Approve or Reject Teachers on the Pending Teachers Queue.

To Approve or Reject Teachers on the Pending Teachers Queue

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account 
  2. Click the "Management" tab and select "Members"  from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the "Pending Teachers" below the "Member Management" in the middle section.
  4. To Approve a Teacher and Accept them into the School or District Network, click the "Verify Teacher" icon.  The Teacher's Status will update as "Verified". You may then choose to Set the Teacher as a School Admin or District Admin
  5. To Reject a Teacher from the School or District Network, click the "Remove Teacher" icon  and then click the "Remove" button  

 By Approving a Pending Teacher, you are Approving them into your School or District Network; this gives the Teacher access to your Network's School and District Edmodo Pages, and enables their Usage Data to appear in your Network's Edmodo Insights Page.

 By Rejecting a Pending Teacher, you are Removing the School from the Teacher's Profile Page and Preventing them from being Approved into your School or District Network

For more information about adding members to your Network, see this page.