Snapshot Insights (Admins)

Snapshot Insights provides School and District Administrators with insights into how their schools, grade levels, and individual classrooms are progressing in their standards mastery by aggregating data from formative micro-assessments delivered at the classroom level.

Using easy-to-understand visualizations and prioritized feedback, you will be able to identify areas of highest focus, take immediate action by creating Professional Learning Communities for collaboration, and recognize teachers who are building a culture of excellence within your school or district.

Reports include:

  • Focus Report: At a glance, view prioritized Snapshot Activity in your School or District, which highlights a Focus Category for your PLC group, a Teacher of the Week and Schools to Watch.
  • Teacher Report: Find the proficiency and pacing for each teacher in your school or district broken down by grade level.
  • School Report: Quickly compare the standard proficiency and pacing at each of your schools.
  • Grade Report: Gain insights into proficiency and coverage of standards by grade level.  See exactly how your students are stacking up against the state and district averages on their standards-mastery, as well as the standards where there is the most room for growth.
  • Usage Report: See how many teachers, students, and schools are using Snapshot, and how many standards-aligned questions are being answered per day.
  • Map Report: Visualize coverage and proficiency mapped by School Location.
  • Connections Report: Spot teachers who are network hubs, and create instant PLCs to connect teachers who teach similar content.