Admin Insights (Admin)

Admin Insights is built directly into School and District Admin accounts, allowing School and District Administrators to quickly gauge Edmodo usage in their network.  Admin Insights provides an overview of active Students and Teachers as well as the number of Notes, Replies, Assignments, and Quizzes sent over a selected time period. Admins can use this information to view collective or individual data on members of their School or District Network. Admins can establish specific date ranges for their statistics overview and export insights as a spreadsheet (.CSV file). To learn more about how to purchase Admin Insights, please click here.

To access Admin Insights:

  1. Switch to your Admin portal
  2. Click the Insights tab on the middle of your top toolbar
  3. An overview of your School or District will display by default 
  4. Click on the school whose data you would like to view. You can also view individual Teacher and Student activity, displayed below the graph.

Note: School Admins will only have the view of individual Teacher and Student activity displayed below the graph. If you need a download of this data, you can click the Export Data as a Spreadsheet to generate a .CSV file.