Edmodo Insights (Admins)

Edmodo Insights, built directly into School and District Accounts, allows School and District Administrators to quickly gauge Edmodo usage in their network.  

Edmodo Insights provides an overview of active students and teachers, and the number of Notes, Replies, Assignments, and Quizzes sent over a selected time period. Additionally, administrators can drill down into their Schools to view data for individual Teachers and Students. The Date Range of the data displayed can be changed using the Date Fields or Calendar icon at the top of the screen. Both district and school data can be exported as .CSV files. 

To access Edmodo Stats:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account 
  2. Click the "Insights" tab on the middle of your top toolbar.
  3. The overview for your School or District will display.
  4. Click on the names of Schools to view activity data for individual members. 
  5. Click the "Export Data as a spreadsheet" to generate a .csv file of the data displayed. 

For more information about utilizing Edmodo Insights in your School or District Network, see here.