Windows 8.1: Add an IE Edmodo Live Tile to Your Start Screen

Access Edmodo on your Windows 8.1 tablet from a Live Tile! The Live Tile is automatically created when you install the Edmodo App from the Windows Store. However, the tile may be manually removed and may not appear. Should this be the case, here is how you can create a Live Tile on the Start screen:

    1. Tap to switch Windows to the Tile view (not the desktop view).
    2. Look for a down arrow at the bottom right of the screen. You may need to slide the tile page to the right to make this arrow visible.
    3. Under the letter “E”, look for the Edmodo application and right click on its icon.
    4. Tap the “Pin to taskbar” to Pin it as a Live Tile.
    5. You can change the size whenever you choose from your Start Screen by right clicking the Tile and clicking Resize. Wide is usually the preferred size.

Note: The number in the bottom right hand corner on your Windows 8 live tile reflects the number of Notifications for the Edmodo account currently logged in.