File Sharing (Android)

Are you trying to download and upload files on your Android Device? Look no further! You can send a file directly from another app to Edmodo. 

  1. Open an outside app such as Microsoft Word and open a file. You can also open a picture from your gallery, an attachment from an email, or a PDF from a supported app!
  2. Tap the Share icon (often at the top right of the action bar)
  3. Decide which format you would like to use to share the attachment.
  4. Select Edmodo from the list of apps (you may need to tap "See All" to show Edmodo in the list.)
  5. The file will be sent directly to your Library or Backpack!

 Note: Each app will have its own steps for opening a file in Edmodo, and the exact steps above will not always apply depending on the app. As a rule of thumb, look for a "open-in" or "share" icon in the app, then select "open in another app," then select Edmodo.