Grading Assignments & Quizzes (Mobile)

We understand that Teachers sometimes need to grade classwork on the go which is why we've made it even easier for Assignments and Quizzes to be graded with our mobile apps.  Continue to read for more information on the following: 

What's Due Center

The What's Due center helps Teachers stay organized with a quick view of all the Assignments and Quizzes they've sent to their Classes/Groups. If you're having a difficult time locating an Assignment or Quiz Post you've sent, trying looking in What's Due. Learn more about your What's Due Center via mobile.


Grade an Assignment 

Teachers can grade their Students' Assignment submissions at the drop of a hat with the Edmodo Classroom app.  To grade a Students' Assignment submission on the go, simply: 

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Grading Overview page 
  2. Click on the name of the Student whose submission you wish to view
  3. Grade the Assignment using one of the following options:
    • Numerical Grade: Input a Students' grade in the boxes labeled Score and Total. If you prefer to input non-numerical grades, Pass, Late, Incomplete or N/A for the Score and Total fields are also accepted. Be sure to select Save to submit the grade.
    • Provide Feedback (optional): Type your comments in the text box and attach any desired materials such as a file, link, or an item from your Library. Be sure to click on Post to send it to your Student. 
  4. Once graded, your Student's name and submission will be moved to the Graded category


  • When a comment and/or grade is provided, Students will receive a notification. Teachers can always update Students’ numerical grades directly from the Students' Assignment submission view.
  • Resubmission requests can only be sent through the web version of Edmodo

Grade a Quiz

  1. Navigate to the Quiz Grading Overview page
  2. If you sent the Quiz to more than one Class/Group, simply tap the name of the class to see the submissions from that Class/Group only. Otherwise, simply click on the name of the Student whose Quiz submission you want to grade.
  3. Load any of your Students' Quiz submissions and review their responses against the correct ones. Depending on the type of question, you will see:
    • Automatically Graded Questions: All question types that are multiple choice, multiple answers, fill in the blank, or true/false will already be marked correct/incorrect based on which response you specified when creating the Quiz.
    • Ungraded Short Answer Questions: Teachers will need to read and award points for short answer questions as they are not automatically graded. Be sure to push Save after inputting points for short answer questions.
  4. Click on Close x.png to close out of the current Students' submission and review another Students'