Grading and Commenting on Assignments (Mobile)

Grade Assignments on the go! Edmodo's mobile app allows you to grade assignments from anywhere.

  1. Tap on your "Profile Icon" in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Click on the "What's Due" tab.
  3. You can toggle between the "Review" tab (for assignments that still need to be graded) and the "Reviewed" (for ones that have been graded previously).
  4. Tap on an individual assignment to see which of your students have turned in the assignment.





  1. Tap on an individual student to see the Assignment Submission page.
  2. From here, tap "Grade" and then enter the student's score on the top, and the total amount of points the Assignment is worth on the bottom. You will then need to tap the checkmark in the upper right to complete the grading.




Note: You can also leave Comments on your Grades by typing into the Comment tab at the top of the Assignment Submission page!