Send a New Quiz

 It's easy to get started creating Quizzes for your Classes. Once you have created the Quiz, then you need to assign the Quiz to your Class so they can complete the Quiz. To get started, do the following:

  1. Select the add button  add_button_2019-08-08.png  located at the top of your Edmodo Class page.
  2. Click “Create Quiz” to create a new Quiz. To load a previously used quiz, follow these instructions.
  3. Fill in the Quiz Details:
  4. Click Quiz Questions on the left panel.
  5. Create Quiz questions:
    • a. Select the question type from the dropdown menu. Choose from multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank, or matching. 
    • b. Use the buttons below the Question Text textbox to attach files or links from your device, your Edmodo Library, or from an external website. 
    • c. Add Answer Choices. The response fields will vary depending on the question type.For multiple choice questions, you start with three answer choices by default. You can add additional answer choices below, or move your mouse over a response that you want to remove and click on the x icon x.png that appears to the right of it. For fill in the blank questions, use ‘_’(underscores) to specify where you would like a blank to appear in the question.
    • d. Change the “points field if you would like. You cannot make a question be worth less than 1 point.)
    • e. Select + Add Question at the bottom to add a new question. To insert a question between two existing questions, hover your mouse over the line between two questions and click on the add button add_button_2019-08-08.png.
    • f. In order to load a question from the question bank, click the blue "Add from question bank" button in the lower right corner of the page.
  6. Click the Duplicate question or Delete Question buttons to copy or remove a question. 
  7. To reorder questions, use the move icon Move.pngon the left of each question to drag and drop the question into the desired order.
  8. Select "Preview" at the top to preview the Quiz just as a student would see it.
  9. Select "Save & Close" at the top to close the Quiz editor. You can assign this Quiz from your Class page or from the Library at a future time.
  10. Select the Assign button to send the Quiz to your Class immediately.






Follow these steps to send the Quiz to your Class: 

  1. Fill out the following details for sending your Quiz:
    • Assign to – if you created this Quiz from a Class page, the class will automatically be added as a recipient. You can search for and add additional Classes or individual students to receive this Quiz. 
    • Due on – choose a due date and time for your Quiz
    • Show results to  student upon completion – check this box to allow students to see which questions they answered correctly, as well as the correct answer for each question, after submitting the Quiz.
    • Lock after due date – check this box to prevent students from taking the Quiz after the due date. 
    • Randomize Questions – check this box to randomize question order for each student taking the Quiz. 
    • Add to gradebook – check this box to automatically add the Quiz and your students’ scores to your Class's Progress Book. If you forget this step you can add it later. 
    • Schedule for later – check this box to select a future date and time when this Quiz will be sent out to your recipients. 
  2. Select Assign to send the Quiz.



Note: If you send a Quiz to individual students, rather than the whole Class, the results will not be added automatically to your Progress Book. You will have to find the Quiz results in your What's Due and then manually enter the scores into your Progress Book.