Take a Snapshot

After you've assigned a Snapshot to your group(s), having your students take the Snapshot is easy! Please have students follow these simple steps: 

  1. Find the Snapshot Post and click the "Take this Snapshot" button. Or, launch Snapshot by clicking the Snapshot icon Launch.Snapshot.png on the Apps Toolbar, then click “Start” next to the Snapshot you would like to take.
  2. Read the Instructions and Notes from the teacher
  3. Click the “Start Snapshot” button in the top right
  4. Read and answer the question, then click “Next Question.” Repeat for each question.
  5. Students will see their results in the form of icons that represent which standards they did (filled in icons) and did not master (greyed out icons). Hovering over an icon will reveal the standard it represents.
  6. Click “See all Snapshots” to go back to your Snapshot home page.

Note: If students would like to know the specific questions they got right/wrong, the teacher can access this data on the Students Report page.

Next Steps: Learn about other Snapshot features here