Snapshot Schedule: Manage Your Snapshots

After creating Snapshots, you can easily view and manage them from the Snapshot Schedule. On the Schedule, you can view a Snapshot's details, delete a Snapshot, and assign or edit Snapshots that you have planned for later. To view the results of a Snapshot, view the Snapshot Reports.

To access the Snapshot Schedule:

  1. Launch Snapshot
  2. Click on “Schedule” on the top toolbar in Snapshot.  

In the Schedule, click on a Snapshot to view details about or manage the Snapshot. You can:

  • View a Snapshot’s Details: Click on a Snapshot to view its details including the Groups it is assigned to, its Standards, Due Date, Time Limit, Number of Questions, Completion Percentage, and Note. Hover over the "Completion" bar to see who has not yet completed the Snapshot.
  • Extend the Due Date of an Assigned Snapshot: Click on the Snapshot to view its details. Then select the number of days to add to the due date in the drop down labeled “Extend due date by.” Then click the green “Add” button. 
  • Delete a Snapshot: Simply click on the Snapshot, then click the "Delete" button that appears.
  • Assign a Planned Snapshot: Click “Assign” to the right of a Planned Snapshot. Or, click on the Snapshot to view its details, then click “Assign Snapshot.”
  • Edit a Snapshot: Click on the Snapshot to view the details. Click “Edit" then make any changes, and click “Save Changes.” Note that you can only edit a Snapshot if no students have taken it.
  • Filter by Groups: View only the Snapshots assigned to certain groups by clicking on the “Groups” filter in the top left, and selecting the group you want to view.

Next Steps: Learn about other Snapshot features here.  

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