Access Snapshot

To launch Snapshot, just click the Snapshot icon Launch.Snapshot.png on the Apps Toolbar on the right side of the screen. 

Why don't you see the Snapshot app icon?

If you do not see the Snapshot app icon, it is either because you are not associated with a US-based school, or you have not yet selected a school in your account settings. At this time, Snapshot is only available to teachers in the US since it is based on US-standards. As long as you are associated with a school in the US, you will be able to access Snapshot - simply add your school from your Settings page, and you will have access!

Once you've launched Snapshot you can create Snapshots, view Reports, manage the Schedule, or take Snapshots.

Note: Since Snapshot assesses US-based standards, Snapshot is only automatically available to U.S schools and can be turned on by request for schools in U.S. Territories, American International schools, and US Department of Defense schools. Please contact support to have that feature enabled. If you are not in the US, or you teach a subject area not covered by Snapshot, try out Edmodo Quizzes. If you are a US-based teacher, and do not see Snapshot on the Apps Toolbar, then click the "Apps Launcher" and locate Snapshot. Click on the icon to launch Snapshot. You can also drag and drop it back to the Apps Toolbar.  

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