Snapshot Training Resources

Teach yourself, then teach your colleagues, how to use Snapshot, and spread the benefits of frequent formative assessment far and wide! The following resources will help you deliver an excellent Snapshot Training session to your colleagues.

  • Video Tutorial: Demonstrates how to create and launch Snapshot, how students take Snapshots, and how to read the student reports.
  • PowerPoint: An overview of Snapshot, including where it can fit in to the scope of a typical assessment cycle. Comes with an example training script.
  • Sample PD Session agenda: How Edmodo Ambassador Gloria Yakes organized her PD session.
  • Sample letters to set up the training session: Whether setting up time with your admin, inviting your colleagues, or following up with them, these sample letters can help you make sure your training session is well attended.

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Download the PowerPoint, sample agenda, and example letters using the links below!